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The 5Ps of Marketing AI

The 5Ps is a framework we devised to help visualize and organize use cases and the marketing AI technology landscape.

  • Planning: Building intelligent strategies.
  • Production: Creating intelligent content.
  • Personalization: Powering intelligent consumer experiences.
  • Promotion: Managing intelligent cross-channel and cross-device promotions.
  • Performance: Turning data into intelligence. 

The framework will evolve as the market shifts and as we develop a deeper understand of AI and its implications on the industry. But, for now, hopefully it helps you better comprehend the vast potential of AI to enhance your capabilities as a marketer. 

About AI Score for Marketers

Our mission at the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute is to make AI approachable and actionable for marketers. In order to do that, we have to be able to answer the number one question we hear:


"How do we get started with AI?" 


Your responses to AI Score for Marketers help you prioritize which use cases to focus on (e.g. email send-time optimization, landing page A/B testing, creating data-driven content) and enable us to make personalized recommendations on AI-powered software solutions. 

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